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Map & Directions

We are located at 2221 Elkdale Street in Selma, Alabama right off of Highway 80.



Worship Times

Come worship with us on Sundays at 8:30 am (Traditional) or 11:00 am (Contemporary).


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Online Giving

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1
Why Online Giving?

Many of our faith family no longer carry cash or check books on a daily basis.  They have stated this would help them give God their tithe on a regular basis.

Question 2
What is the difference between Online Giving and Online Banking?

Online Giving is using a webpage such as the one below to give your tithes & offerings to the Lord. Online Banking/Bill Pay is done through your actual bank's website such as XYZ Bank.

Question 3
What if I already give through Online Banking/Bill Pay?

Elkdale would actually prefer you setup your regular tithes and offerings through your Online Banking due to the small fees that come through Online Giving.

Question 4
What forms of payment will be available?

Online giving is setup for Debit Cards only. This will allow us to be wise stewards.

1. Debit cards do not have the fees that many rewards cards have.
2. More importantly, it will allow others to give regularly without “borrowing” to do so.

*Scripture often refers to giving out of your "first fruit".  Scripture does not forbid borrowing, but financial concerns  are real and learning to give out of the first fruits is very important to the  spiritual habit of tithing. 

Question 5
Do I have to set up a draft on the 1st or 15th of the month?

You can set it up on whatever day you would like.
You can set it up to repeat at your convenience.
You can also make one time payments(such as Building fund, Memorial gifts) that are not set it up to repeat.
You have total control of when you give online.  

Question 6
Will I be able to use this for payments to church events, children’s and youth trips?

At this time we are not using it for those purposes.
We do, however, hope to gradually begin integrating its use in these areas over time.


Make sure to select the right fund for your giving - Thanks!